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Lisa Piper

About McDonough ATA Black Belt Academy in McDonough, GA

Meet Lisa Piper

Owner and Chief Instructor at
McDonough ATA Black Belt Academy in McDonough
5th Degree Black Belt

Over 25 Years of Teaching Martial Arts

At McDonough ATA Black Belt Academy, we focus on the complete personal development of each student, through group and individual instruction. Individual attention is a feature of every class, allowing all students to progress with confidence towards their personal goals. And more than just self-defense, we teach confidence and self-esteem.

Our instructors strive to be positive role models for all of our students, incorporating the teachings of strong character, leadership, good citizenship, and good values into each class.

The teaching curriculum at McDonough ATA Black Belt Academy is based on positive attitude and successful goal setting. Through positive reinforcement our students learn to set series of small goals that come together to form far greater goals than they would have ever believed possible.

“Today not possible, tomorrow possible.” Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee

About Our Founder

Ms. Piper is an ATA Certified 5th Degree Black Belt instructor with an Amer-Asian background in Jonesboro, GA. Ms. Piper is a recipient of one of ATA's greatest honors - the Grand Master H.U. Lee Instructor's Special Merit Award. This award is given to instructors who show exemplary ability, dedication, and professionalism in instruction.

To be an instructor in the ATA, the ATA demands that all trainee instructors enter into several years of teaching and internship, accompanied by attending clinics and passing certification camp. At the certification camp, trainees must pass 3 tests. The tests include a physical test, a written test, and demonstration of teaching ability. In the Instructor Certification Camp, Ms. Piper achieved a perfect score 100 in the written exam and finished in the top 3% of the squad leadership workouts.

Being in the ATA since 1982, she has been active in the ATA World Tournament Circuit and has ranked in the Top Ten and even the Top Four qualifying to compete for World Champion for multiple years. Ms. Piper is also certified in Bahng Mahng ghees, Ssahng Jeol Bong, Jahng Bong, Jee Pahng ghee, SHARP (Sexual Harassment Assault Rape Prevention), PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics), Ground Fighting, Judo, HYPER, Warrior Krav and Joint Manipulation. These programs certify instructors as experts in force and self-defense. With her certifications, Ms. Piper has taught several self-defense seminars and rape prevention seminars throughout the state of Georgia.

Ms. Piper takes her responsibilities seriously as a role model, especially for younger students, teaching them the importance of having strong minds and strong bodies.

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